Serie de Fotografías

por Bruce Jackson








Bruce Jackson has been working as a Commercials Director Of Photography since 1998. Originally from Brussels, Belgium, and from a Swedish/British background, his career has been mostly focussed on commercials and short form films, internationally and in the United Kingdom with the odd step into feature films and documentary.

As a young teen in Brussels, Bruce developed an interest for photography which matured into a passion for Cinematography that eventually led him to graduate from the IHECS communication high school in Brussels in 1993, and as a post graduate from the London Film School in 1996.
Bruce remained in London, Initially shooting many music videos & short films in the UK during the heyday of the MTV era and when celluloid was the norm he now enjoys a busy and more international career in advertising and on countless internationally awarded productions.
Bruce was also recently signed to talent agency Casarotto/Ramsay in London and remains a passionate and daily stills photographer.